Great Purpose and Destiny

David’s keynote,,,in a book!          Available from all good book shops, Amazon and GPD seminars.

Giant Purpose and Destiny is a “paint by numbers” guide to instant self-improvement using extraordinary techniques by Dave Wills. The book is based on his keynote seminar of how to realistically succeed in a modern-day world within the shortest time possible. Within the chapters of the book he spells out the essential steps to success:

  • What is it you want?
  • Pre-preparation
  • Quiet time
  • Motion Motivation
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Goal Nucleus
  • Mind states
  • Use of time
  • Start your plan

Readers should be prepared to be mentally and physically fit to undertake the challenges within.  Dave Will says, “This book could be a pivot point in your life if you allow it to be, however, it’s you and only you that can follow through, gather all the information together and put words into action.” He continued, “When one has a giant purpose, they will then be much more in control of their own destiny rather than be affected by the elements of life, and when trouble come their way, just pushing ahead will be enough as one will already know they are going in the right direction.”

This book is entertaining, educational and enlightening but requires discipline and bravery – you will not be the same person by the end.

Although Dave is now a public and motivational speaker, it has been the up and down roller coaster ride in getting there that has been the key to his own success. Public speaking is now his passion as the tough times have given him the ability to connect with people and really make a lasting difference in their lives. “Ever since a young kid I had grandiose ideas (most of the time far too big!) and around 98% of them where (should I say) learning curves! I had my first run of business success in my 30’s when I started a company from scratch to having well over 100 employees and 1.2m in annual sales revenue. I was pinching myself on a regular basis just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Although I secretly loved the buzz, it was a super stressful environment for me so I did not want to spend too many more years doing it as 14 was enough! Using my inspirational and motivation speaking, I now love to inspire others and tell them about my positive experiences as well as my negative ones too. You’re amazing, do it now!”

His book, “Giant Purpose and Destiny” is available in all good book shops now including Amazon. For more information please visit  High Inspire or follow him on: