Looking for a motivational speaker? Why not hire a multi published author and business award winner to speak at your event? As a living, breathing phoenix of a modern day world, David will inspire you and give you not stop accounts of what it takes to become a true champion of your own world

Welcome Fancy a better life but not sure where to start? The life you have always dreamed of is very much a possibility but you may need a little guidance to get there. I can help! I will mentor you within the areas you most need so you can start to take control of your own destiny and shape your future exactly the way you want it.

Public speaker

& Entrepreneur

Dave Wills is one of the most respected speakers in the area of business and personal life transformation. His approach is ground breaking, innovative and sometimes a tad controversial. His no BS approach will change the way you think (like it or not) about managing the extremely tough world that now surrounds us. As an NLP master practirioner he will very quickly help you find the very best parts of you then put those parts to work in ways you never thought were possible

From poverty to graduation and from graduation to his first £1m in business, David will electrify audiences with real life stories of what it really takes to defeat ones demons and push forward no matter ..

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Inspiration For Hire

David Wills is considered to be one of the best transformation experts. Respected by business leaders and focused individuals, David has embraced the very fabric of why we do what we do.

His talks and seminars are packed full with humour and drama but at the same time deliver a message that is uplifting, motivating and one that puts everything into perspective!


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As a motivational speaker, Dave's talks are underpinned by the realities of success, the problems and challenges one will face on their upward journey and how to realistically climb high obstacles in a modern day world with rapidly changing conditions.

He's been through hell, survived, kept going and now tells some amazing stories of determination, courage and most of all succeeding against all odds!


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Great communication is one of the biggest keys to success

You are invited to give us your views regarding the quality and service from our website and contact team. Please email us if you have any feedback questions or queries. We also always like to hear how things are progressing for yourself and, of course, it's always good to hear that you have reached a goal, and that you're edging ever closer to the top of success mountain. We both know that it's hard work and pain that will get us there, so it..

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I truly believe that everything in life is possible and there are no limits as to what you as an ind..

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I truly believe that everything in life is possible and there are no limits as to what you as an ind..

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Thank you David for a great day. The session was fun, enlightening and very informative. Thanks again.

- John Doe

Lancaster School

David’s presentation to a group of year 12 students was an extremely enlightening and knowledgeable insight into the careers available within the health and social care sector. David’s enthusiasm for his job was very infectious and all the students gained a great deal of understanding into the opportunities available to them in the future.

- James Tape

Director of Key Stage 4, Chase High School

Just want to say, thank you so much for what you did yesterday at St Thomas More High School.

The feedback from the school and the boys was that they loved the day and the professionalism and encouragement from David.

- Baiju Solanki

St Thomas More High School

David demonstrated to us that anything really is possible. The level of inspiration he provided definitely changed my outlook on many levels. Davids well-received talk would be a great asset for any aspiring individual or organisations that really want to make a difference and succeed on a massive scale.

- Ian K

Shell, Live Wire Co-ordinator

You did an amazing job of inspiring us all. We Love hearing stories and about leadership and your quest for innovation. Both myself and my team are very excited to hear you speak again in the future. Thank you.

- Heather

Lloyds Bank, Commercial Banking

Thank you for spending time with us and for doing an amazing job with our staff. It was straightforward and to the point and most of all fun, enjoyable and informative. We are all looking forward to having you back again in the future.

- Donna

Kingsdown School