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Giant Purpose and Destiny
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Life changing experiences

that last forever!

Our events are life-changing. If an experience is life changing, that would mean this is a new experience. New experiences demand a new person. Someone that can manage the new experience in such a way that it is not only enjoyable but also sustainable.

If you are not willing to adapt productively then you will most probably turn the new exciting experience in to something you have always known. Change or adapting is not easy for many people. But at the same time is one of the simplest parts of the transition from who you are now to becoming a successful person, a role model, a great leader and someone that people can aspire to. Come along to one of our events and learn how.

Your average day will be filled with things you have never done before, places you have never been before, people you have never spoken to before, abilities you have never had before, see things you have never seen before, compulsions you have never felt before. You may go to bed one evening the normal you and wake up having all of the above! You will be left with three clear (unpressured) options; "forward" "neutral " or "reverse". It’s then time to choose your destiny! You will find all the tools to succeed at one of our events.
Good luck.