David Wills is recognised as one of the most breath-taking speakers you will ever work with. He's featured on many stages big and small to share amazing stories of his own experiences and has helped thousands of people improve their lives. David is happy to speak to small groups as well as large blue-chip companies.

He's a business award-winning serial entrepreneur and multi published author who brings over 25 years of experience to his talks including his incredible story of triumph over adversity, as well as the ups and downs of life - the embarrassing, the frustrating, the impossible, the tough as hell and not forgetting the amazing!

Personal development, relationships, decision-making, career change, work-life balance, stress management, interpersonal communication, time management, self-awareness, self-acceptance, presentation skills are all subjects that he covers. Dave Wills is an award-winning entrepreneur who brings over 25 years of experience to his talks including the up’s and down’s, the embarrassing, the frustrating, the impossible, the tough as hell and not forgetting the amazing! Prices can start from as little as £1000 moving up to £8000 depending on factors such as industry sectors, levels of complexity and detail. David can also be at your event for the entire evening for personal and one to one interaction. Book signings at the end of an evening can also be factored in. Between us, we can tailor a talk specific to your exact needs and make it an evening that will be remembered.

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From nothing to everything I need!

From bizarre childhood, through the care system and spat out the other end to leave school totally illiterate, David has learned everything the hard way and completely from scratch. Having now employed thousands of people and being the most skilled and qualified person in his field, he is respected as one of the most experienced and best value speakers you will ever meet.

Inspired and work-ready

David has inspired many rooms during his speaking and business career but realises quite clearly that inspiration just by its self is not enough! For genuine transformation to take place, inspiration should be used as a spring board in to the state of mind where the real work of transformation can take place. Transformation means closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in life.

Giant purpose and destiny

The GPD talk This is Dave’s signature Keynote. This talk is hard hitting, no BS, straight to the point and gives you crystal clear, fool proof plan of how to succeed in the modern day world we now live in.

It doesn’t matter if you have allot, have a little or don’t have a pot to pee in nor a window to throw it out of! This talk will blow your mind as well as give you the strength, confidence, resilience and skill to quickly develop yourself in to a master in everything you do! Although the GPD pathway is the most challenging thing you will ever do, however it will be the most fast pace and breath taking journey you will ever experience. GPD or part of it can be incorporated in to any talk and tailored specifically to your needs.


Every child is one caring teacher away from success

David Wills is a multi published author, business award winner, business speaker and youth worker. As a child David floated within the care system for much of his younger life, was fostered straight from a children's home then left special needs school not being able to read and write (at all). He learned everything from scratch at the age of 15. From extremely poor beginnings to being successful and hitting every target along the way. His journey however has been an unbelievably difficult up and down roller coaster ride whilst having to witness his brother dying from alcoholism and his sister dying from drug addiction. David has survived the most difficult parts of childhood but at the same time was brave enough map out how people think and why they do things. David has spoken for many different educational organisations including schools, colleges and universities, however his ultimate goals is to help as many children as possible through his talks and mentoring programs. Hire David as your next school speaker.

This keynote speech also covers 5 best leadership practices:

This speech will start to bring out the very best in your team, leaving them with clear vision of Greatness, Congruency and most of all working in a way that’s world class!

Dave wills will give you the key to unlock potential you never even thought you had. He has been creative in putting together a knock out speech whilst using his own experiences and strategies that will show you a completely new, innovative and different way of achieving anything!