Student Nurse Ward Basics

High Inspire – Student Nurse Ward Basics by David Wills

As a nursing student at university I quickly realised that the academics being learned as a student nurse was so far from the realities of what I would be doing on a day to day basis during my work on a hospital ward post qualification. I decided to capitalise on the fact that there was a consistent short fall with what student nurses had learned by the end of their three year degree compared to what they would need to know to be work ready for a hospital ward. I wanted to bridge this gap by writing this book so that student nurses could quickly learn all of the basics of what they would need to know when working on a hospital ward as a qualified nurse before they actually qualified!

If you are a student nurse wondering what your first days on a ward will be like, do not worry, you are not the first and you will not be the last. I have walked the walk and now plan to help others who are dropped in the deep end on a ward. The first day I met my new mentor and senior sisters in charge, they were honest about what I should expect, and what was expected of me. So, I wrote this book for student nurses, just like you.

This book, “Student Nurse – Ward Basics” is available in all good book shops and Amazon now.