Inspiration For Hire

Are you an owner or manager of a care home looking to inspire your team? Are you a hospital director of training or a headteacher looking to motivate nurses, teachers, pupils? Dave Wills is a keynote speaker and business award winner who delivers talks that capture the determination necessary to succeed. He is an entertaining, educational and highly inspiring professional public speaker.

His talks and seminars are packed full with humour and drama but at the same time deliver a message that is uplifting, motivating and one that puts everything into perspective!
As a motivational speaker, Dave’s talks are underpinned by the realities of success, the problems and challenges one will face on their upward journey and how to realistically climb high obstacles in a modern day world with rapidly changing conditions.

He’s been through hell, survived, kept going and now tells some amazing stories of determination, courage and most of all succeeding against all odds!