Public speaker

& Entrepreneur

Dave Wills was brought up by a single parent on a council estate amid poverty and at times violence. He went on to live in a series of children’s homes and with foster families. When he left school he could barely read or write. But through self-determination and perseverance he went on to gain qualifications at further education and community colleges, working at four jobs to help finance him through the process.

As a child life was like living in a bubble, he knew nothing beyond what he could see around him. He recalls exactly when the moment changed, as he looked through the fanlight of a window in a toilet block on a busy road below watching families in vehicles travelling to . . . he knew not where. He began to wonder about them, who they were, what was their destination. For the first time in his life he began thinking about the world beyond what he could see. Another key moment was when he visited the house of a friend as a teenager who he described as educated. Everything he saw here in this house was what he had not had in his own life – it was like a pond of fresh water in a desert he said. It was this that he aspired to, and it was the up and down roller coaster ride in getting there that has been the key to his success. He went on to start a company from scratch to having more than 100 employees and £1.2m in sales revenue.